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What we provide?
If you are looking for sharing your food, home goods or wish to volunteer, kindly reach out to us on below link. We will help you connect with the most needy and genuine recipient picked up by our AI algorithm who would be blessed with your donation. Post successful donation we would also be rewarding you as an acknowledgement of your good deed!

Our Determination

Vision | Mission | Objective


To create a sustainable environment for the donors to reach out to the beneficiaries and get rewarded every time they donate to fulfill the need of the appropriate community/ngo/recipient


Encourage more donations in any form by incentivising the donors


To make donation an easy accessible and rewarding experience for the donor as well as the recipient by bridging the gap between them

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Hours Of Support

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The Process

Select donation type

Donation type includes: Sharing home goods or food or Shramadaan - Volunteering

Place your offer

If you are sharing home goods or food, give us the details like Donor address, item description, quantity and condition

Algorithm Processing

Let our algorithms find best bid match for the needful recipient


Decide shipping method and Wait for the pickup


Spread happiness & Earn - Credit points/Vouchers and satisfaction!

Genuine Reachability

We are also reaching out to the people who are not part of any NGO - Beggars, transgenders, children, homeless & ragpickers which will help reduce multiple social issues like malnutrition.

Reach the needy

We do justice to your donation by connecting you to the most needful recipient with the help of AI

Rewarding Acknowledgement

We appreciate your kindness by featuring on our Wall of Fame


Trustful platform because of our verification standards



Anyone with a will to donate


Share kindness and happiness!

COVID Donations

Donate COVID Protection kit items like masks, sanitizers, etc. to the needy organization, community or individual

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Home Goods

Share your home goods which may not be useful to you but can be needful for others

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Don’t waste food instead share the extra food which can bring fulfillment for someone

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Volunteer based on your skill set for the required tasks by the recipient organization

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Our collaborator - TechPose provides transparent Crowdfunding named Gullak. Through this platform, donor could donate and can view the impact create as well as keep track of every single donated penny.

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Provide Livelihood

Our collaborator - TechPose provides e-Commerce platform named Gullak. Through this platform, donor could purchase articles made by our blind/tribal/home maker/needy friends who make eco-friendly or artistic items.

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Poonam Kashyap


Indian Army Officer (retd)

Sushmita Kaneri


Founder & CEO TechPose

Nikita Sonar

Marketing Head

Head of Operations Sproute Media

Ashish Kumar


Pranali Patil

Technical Associate

Mitali Mishra

Admin & Operations Associate

Rupal Yadav

Digital Content Associate


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Social Media Associate


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